Squalor Victoria

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I'm Brooke.
Student. Pianist. Agnostic. Feminist. Music, film and literature enthusiast. Massive fan of The National and Interpol

First of all let me say that Stir Cove is above and beyond smaller than I ever expected it to be. The friend I went with had been to Stir Cove to see Queens of the Stone Age last summer so she prepped me a bit but I still can’t get over how small it was. Royal Blood opened up for Arctic Monkeys. I’d honestly never heard of them before but they were very, very good and had some very sick guitar & drum parts which make me a very happy woman.

To get the bad things out of the way - the crowd absolutely sucked and were down right rude. My friend and I sat quite a ways back from the stage because people were piling up at the front like no other. Back where we were, no one was singing or dancing which made me stand out like a soar thumb. At one point my friend and I did attempt to fight out way through the crowd but ended up behind this real piece of work with some girl on his shoulders. We couldn’t see anything and my height doesn’t exactly help me out in these situations. There was also a bunch of guys in front of us that were having a full on conversation as Arctic Monkeys was playing which irked me enough to send me straight back to where I originally was.

But on a positive note- Arctic Monkeys did play a lot of their great songs. The set list was very predictable and packed with stuff from AM which I wasn’t impressed with being that I’m much more heavily into their older material. I did end up losing and almost breaking my sunglasses during My Propeller because I was bobbing my head so hard. Alex Turner also didn’t seem to dance as much as I was expecting so that made watching them much more bearable. I also did get a shirt to add to my pile of black band t-shirts. I also have a video of my voice cracking while screaming the end part to 505 but that video will never surface the internet.

If any of you have seen Arctic Monkeys live, I’d be very interested in hearing about your experience!


Update: The concert just ended and I’ve plenty of very good pictures and not so hot videos - but if anyone is still looking forward to that, stay tuned.



I do apologize that that picture got posted twice, my phone can be a sketchy shit sometimes.

paraadiis replied to your photo “Arctic Monkeys tonight 🎶”

omg have fun! let us know the highlights? :)

Yes yes yes yes yes!! Will do!!!!